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Medical Terminology before Anatomy
When it comes to Medical Terminology did anyone take this class and find it beneficial before taking Anatomy and Physiology. I'm taking it now and it seems to be a breeze and quite interesting. Wink
Yes, this was the first course I took in "sciences" before I took all the StraighterLine Biology courses (and all their sciences as a matter of fact, such as Environmental Science/Chem, etc). Heck, I did too many StraighterLine courses, some for fun. Anyways, yes, I recommend this course!
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Biology can make so much more sense if you're familiar with common Greek and Latin roots. You're on the right track!
I agree - even if you don't take it for college credit (there is a free online class you can take from Des Moines University I can't overstate enough how it will help with Anatomy class. EVERYTHING in the body is named based on some really useful nomenclature - so if you learn those roots, prefixes, etc. you can figure out names and diseases very easily.

Here's an example of what you'd learn in a medical terminology class

(prefix) myo = muscle
(root) card = heart
(suffix) itis = inflammation
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