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Physician Assistant School
Is there anyone who is a PA or currently in PA school? I am a Senior Biology Major graduating in May, and currently looking into PA school. If you are a PA or currently in school for it, how did you get your Medical hours? How was the application process? What was or is PA school like? Any tips or thoughts in general? How long was your time between undergrad and PA school?

Thank you so much in advance!!! Just trying to find any information I can from people who are ahead of me in the process. Smile
If you're still looking, there is a HPSP full ride scholarship on They'll pay for you as long as you promise to work at a VA hospital for a minimum of two years. There are also programs in the military, IPAP program, if you're interested in that.
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There can be a long time between bachelor's conferral and PA school admission, but an important separate issue is how recently at the time of admission you completed your specific prerequisite courses.

A friend graduated college traditional age, had a career or two, and ultimately started PA school around 40. But before applying to PA school he had to go back to college to refresh some science subjects. These are the rules on recency from the PA school he entered, Tufts. These will vary by school; at another school this threshold could be less than 10 years:

Quote:• All courses [this comes after a list of prerequisites such as microbiology with lab] must be taken within 10 years of the admissions cycle year (e.g., If applying in 2019, then courses taken since January 2009 will be accepted).

• If you have taken prerequisite courses over 10 years ago, you will need to take higher level courses to satisfy each prerequisite and at least ONE lab for each prerequisite that requires a lab. For example, if you completed BIO I+Lab and BIO II+Lab over 10 years ago, you must complete TWO higher level courses and at least ONE BIO lab, or repeat the BIO I and II courses with labs.

Tufts also strongly recommends these prerequisites be taken at four-year institutions. The reaction of PA schools to prerequisites from non-collegiate providers could vary. At some schools that may not be something they often encounter.

Quote:• The rigor of the institution will be taken into consideration, and it is strongly recommended that all courses be taken at a 4-year accredited institution. However, courses from 2-year accredited institutions will be accepted.

PA Prerequisites (Tufts University School of Medicine)

Good luck!

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