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Pierpont and
Has anyone had any luck using credits toward a Pierpont BOG degree? Thanks, Duane.
Yes many members have used study dot com credits as part of the BOG degree. Here is an example with a person that took a number of business courses - you can also see that there are study dot com courses listed in the options to fulfill requirements. With a small handful of exceptions, Pierpoint takes almost all ACE credits:
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@dbrown2258, Depending on what you're looking at/for or which emphasis you're looking to get, it really boils down to either taking all the classes at if they have the emphasis you're looking at, or another ACE provider such as StraighterLine,, Coursera, TEEX, etc, as long as they have the ACE credit recommendation, you should be good. Do you have a plan going forward? Such as laddering up to a specific Bachelors later? If you're looking at, here's a coupon code: Offer
In Progress: UMPI BAS & MAOL | TESU BA Biology & Computer Science
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Completed: TESU ASNSM Biology, BSBA (ACBSP Accredited 2017)
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Certs: 6Sigma/Lean/Scrum, ITIL | Cisco/CompTIA/MTA | Coursera/Edx/Udacity

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