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Question how to study for exam
Hi, this semester is a struggle for me. This professor was  not good to provide study tip and he provide me the wrong information about the midterm exam.  He told me I will get 20 multiple choice and two exercises, on the test I got 50 multiple choice. I really need some help how to pass this course. I don't know how to study for this class.  He is a horrible professor. The class is managerial accounting. My last two semesters, I was lucky I got a good professors tip and study guide and I got A's.
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There are a few things I do when I take my courses. Read chapters, make own notes, review summaries.
1) Read the chapters and make my own "Coles Notes" version of what I don't understand.
2) I create my own study materials for each class just to make sure I know those points
3) I also review chapter summaries before I go through the exams/midterms

It's hard to say, each person is different, I just looked up my StraighterLine courses and I took a few of their Accounting courses.

1) Accounting I - 93% - Same as TESU
2) Accounting II - 89% - Same as TESU
3) Financial Accounting - 91% - TESU Intermediate Accounting 1
4) Managerial Accounting - 79% - TESU Cost Accounting (UL)

That managerial accounting course was what got to me, I was like, what! Then I looked at the transfer guide and it was UL vs the rest was LL. I was like, no wonder it was a bit harder than the rest! Just keep plugging away at each course and make sure you understand the core concepts.
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~Review: Beginners Guide sticky for info on TESU BALS/BSBA in 4 months (post #16)
~Note: Read Wiki guide links for TESU equivalency - CLEP/DSST/SL/, etc
Understand the concepts and formulas for every question you got wrong. So if you get another question that's similar, you can get it right.

Find good video explanations on YouTube for any concepts that are confusing or use a tutoring service. Some schools provide free tutoring.
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Thank you for your tips. I am trying to communicate with the professor. I will be proactive to ask him directly. What thing I need to do? I could pass the class. I rent some book how to understand vs memorize without understanding the content
Missouri State university MBA in process
TEEX: Cybersecurity 101 (4), Cybersecurity 201 (3), Cybersecurity 301 (3)
NEXT: In Future Ph.D in ???


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