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Questions about Davar
I think my next step will be Davar Mar330 - Principles of Sales, this course will give me some UL credits in my BSBA and i also can learn some valuable things that i can apply to my business (i hope).

I think i can get 2 davar courses for 100 usd, so i can also take another UL one too.

the problem is that I don't have enough information on how Davar works.

It is friendly plataform??
Once i pay for courses i have limited time to complete courses like Study or SL??
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It's more like a TECEP exam, where you study and take it. They don't have quizzes.

It's best for people who enjoy studying on their own and are good with test taking. However, some of the courses also require papers.

I don't know about time limits.

You can search for the old posts by me and Eriehiker (and others) about the specific Davar classes.
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