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Questions about course selection
I received the credit transfer report and degree progress report attached. 139 credits have been accepted and the degree progress report shows that 14 courses are "not satisfied" for me to complete the degree. 
Is that means I should take all these 14 courses? 
or do I just need to choose some of these courses and get 30 credits to fulfill the requirements for complete the degree?

Thanks in advance to those who answered my questions Big Grin
It means you have 14 courses remaining to complete your degree. You're required to complete at a minimum of 10 courses at UMPI along with other residency requirements which vary by degree.
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@beikaRAY, Welcome to the board, it's great you're asking question and providing a little bit of details, but it's not enough information to really help you out. It really doesn't matter how many credits over 90 you transfer in, they only accept 90 towards the degree for max transfer, you'll have to do 30 through them anyways. It's best for you to fill us in with the info on the addendum and template here to give us an overview of your situation, your budget, classes taken, study habits, what's missing, you should have another academic evaluation from the advisor, have that added to your one/google drive and link us to it, make sure the file doesn't have personal info and it's viewable (not editable):
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