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Request for help with finding correct Shmoop courses
Hello all-
I'm a long time lurker, first time poster.

I'm looking to compile a list of Shmoop courses that will fit my TESU BSBA plan. I have a handful of credits from years ago and more recently from Aleks, the Institute, etc. that you fine people have recommended. I wanted to tackle Shmoop next and, of course, try to squeeze as many courses in a month as possible.

Would any one be so kind as to take a peek at my plan and offer some wisdom?

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.xlsx   DegreePlan03-17-2018.xlsx (Size: 40.91 KB / Downloads: 15)
You can totally fill up most of your plan (except the AOS) with Shmoop, according to the plans I've seen.

Has TESU already added your ALEKS courses? If not, they might not count due to them expiring (not sure how it works, just know they're gone). Shmoop has Finite Math that can fit into your quantitative literacy requirement, if necessary.

For the rest:

Diversity: World Geography. Civic Engagement: American Government.

Knowledge of Human Culture: American Literature, British Literature, Classical Literature, Contemporary Literature

Understanding the physical & natural world: Intro to Biology, Intro to Chemistry

GE Electives: Pretty much anything from Shmoop. Same with free electives.
Thank you for your answer!
Yes, I filled out my degree plan the way TESU accepted my credits. I applied after I did the Aleks classes because I wasn't sure where my old NIU credits would fit in.
(03-17-2018, 12:30 PM)rachel83az Wrote: Has TESU already added your ALEKS courses? If not, they might not count due to them expiring (not sure how it works, just know they're gone).

So you know how it works...

ALEKS lost its ACE Credit recommendation on 9/1/2017. Any ALEKS courses completed after 8/31/2017 will not be transcribed by ACE and therefore will not be included when the ACE transcript is sent to a college for credit evaluation purposes.

However, anyone who completed a formerly ACE Credit recommended ALEKS course on or before 8/31/17 can still add them to their ACE transcript at any point, despite the later loss of credit recommendation. ACE will just need to verify the completion date was before 9/1/17 before it can be added.

So as long as Maelynn completed the ALEKS courses before 9/1 there should be no issues.
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