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Sophia Classes for BA Psych?
Hey!  I would like to enroll in UMPI for the Your Pace BA Psych program!
Does anyone know what Gen Ed Classes would be needed, also how much of the degree program can be transferred in from Sophia Learning?  
Also for those of you in the program already ( I know it is fairly new), how are you enjoying it?

Thank you all!
Hi - you can find those details in the following links:

General education UMPI
BA Pyschology UMPI

Note for the BA Psych: As long as you take animal behavior and cognitive psychology at UMPI, then you don't have to take the practicum.
Watch this video to explain how this works

UMPI allows up to 90 degrees to be transferred into the degree plan, but there is no actual limit on how many credits you can transfer into UMPI in total. You need to take at least 10 classes (30 credits) at UMPI for residency purposes.
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@CollegeBraveB, Welcome to the board, what was mentioned is correct, you can transfer unlimited credits, but only 90 credits will go into your degree plan as a max, you have to do 30 minimum credits at UMPI for residency requirements. What you should do is provide more details asked for by filling in the addendum and template here, this gives us an overview of your budget, previous credits from earlier studies, study habits, etc, with more details, we'll know what you may need to complete the degree. I suggest following the links provided to review the degree plans, here's the addendum/template:
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