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TECEP Marketing Communications
After several delays for other reasons, I finally did this TECEP. I was surprised by how much easier it was than the Advertising one (definitely that one was the hardest of the 3 UL Marketing TECEPS).

Not sure what to say about this. The Quizlet is quite fabulous because it goes kind of overkill with the concepts that can be handy in the multiple choice questions. The multiple questions felt like the same difficulty of the Advertising exam. If the student memorizies the Quizlet questions, they should do decently in this section of the exam.

I found the essays to be insanely easy. I believe you do 6 essays that last 3-4 paragraphs. Most of them are mostly just applying common sense, but I felt the course of Study of Managerial Communications has a ton of definition concepts that will come in handy with the essays just to pepper them up and get a much higher score to offset wrong answers in the multiple questions section.

My grade came back insanely fast and I'm very pleased to know I got 3 UL classes in the bag. Smile

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TECEP Marketing Communications - by Avidreader - 11-13-2023, 12:47 PM

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