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TECEP - do I have to wait until the start of a Term to take the exam?
The TESU September term starts on 8/27/18, but I would like to test ASAP (before I forget everything I've learned).

Can you take TECEPs at any time, or do you have to wait until the start of the term?
You have to wait for the start of the term, it won't show up in your MyEdison until that time. If you know your stuff, register for the exam, wait until the first day of the term and take it.

I would usually recommend signing up, studying until you know all the topics mentioned in the TECEP pdf, make your own coles notes, and set a date anytime within the term - at least a week before the end of term as that's cutting it too close.
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Thank you!  I was able to successfully register for the TECEP for the September term, but the ProctorU site currently only offers the August term.

Guess I'll hold off studying for another week or two..   Wink

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Yes, I was just going to say that you can't sign up on ProctorU to take the course until the start of the term. And then, it's usually a 3-day wait to be able to take the test at that point (not sure if they still have a "take the test NOW" option for an extra fee?).
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Ah, yes - the 72-hour advance notice.  I think I'll wait the extra three days, because there's no way I want to pay an extra fee!  The whole point of jumping through all these hoops was to save money (and time).   Cool

This forum is amazing - I've learned so much about learning!  Heart

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