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Technical Writing TECEP - My Experience
(01-12-2024, 07:44 AM)PreLawCoastie Wrote: Hey all! Wanted to give you my experience on the Technical Writing TECEP.

SCORE: 91% According to the grades thing in the TE moodle. Not super transparent.

Prep: Read the blurb on the wiki before registering. Read the test guide thing on the moodle about ten mins before the exam.

The proctoring is terrible. The guy was very very weird, and insisted on seeing my phone, which required getting it from another room, turning it on so I could show him me turning it off, then putting it somewhere out of reach that he could see. 

The website that the test is on is straight out of 1995, and the lockdown browser is terrible too. My thomas edison password is random (in a password manager) and the proctoring disables copy and paste with no way to get around it, which required me manually entering the password twice. There's no way to zoom in on the page, which on my relatively high resolution laptop made the text very small. There's no word counter, which is annoying because there's a word minimum for the prompts.

There's tonsss of time. The blurb on the wiki makes it sound like you'll have to type super fast, but there's like five questions, mostly short answer, and you have 2+ hours to finish. Maybe if you weren't a native english speaker you could have trouble, but the exam is laughably easy. Don't stress about it.

My next exam is public speaking - any advice? I'm registered but have been putting off the pre-requisite recordings of presentations which seem like a pain.
Did this course transfer successfully? I am a Penn State student who is following this.

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RE: Technical Writing TECEP - My Experience - by DP_PSU@CS - 02-01-2024, 01:01 AM

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