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US student visa issuances now exceed pre-COVID levels
Short on time? Here are the highlights:

  • The number of F-1 study visas issued by the US last year exceeded the total number of F-1s in 2019

  • India is driving overall growth along with several other key Asian markets and there is strong growth from Europe, Africa, and Latin America as well

  • The strong performance comes in spite of rising rejection rates for F-1 applicants

  • The US denied 35% of all F-1 applications in 2022, and more than half of all applicants from Africa in particular
Link: Despite rising rejection rates, US student visa issuances now exceed pre-COVID levels - ICEF Monitor - Market intelligence for international student recruitment
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It's truly encouraging to see that US student visa issuances have not only rebounded but have exceeded pre-COVID levels.

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