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University of Maine at Presque Isle
I believe they will only accept a maximum of 30 ACE credits.

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The History program disappeared! They aren't returning my E-mails. Does anyone know what happened?
(11-06-2019, 05:26 AM)Pelican Wrote: The History program disappeared! They aren't returning my E-mails. Does anyone know what happened?
A friend pointed out to me this morning that the history & political science program wasn't on the site. I'd already applied. I emailed the enrollment counselor asking what's up. No answer yet.
Interesting. They also took the BA in Accounting off. I believe everyone is referring to the the drop-down menu from "Online Programs"

The pages themselves are still up:

I'd be interested if one of you could confirm. I'm wondering if it's due to some of these courses being incomplete. You'd see coursework say "Coming Soon" Perhaps some students such as us would quickly go through content and arrive at these courses not ready to enroll in yet. If it makes you feel better, you really didn't want to enroll in Marxism anyways.
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I wondered the same. Was thinking of doing this instead of tesu history and it wasn't there anymore.
(11-06-2019, 05:26 AM)Pelican Wrote: The History program disappeared! They aren't returning my E-mails. Does anyone know what happened?

I talked to the director for the program, there's a delay with the approval from the regional accreditor so the program won't be open for another six months.
Depends what you want. They still have the "Liberal Studies" degree options which are pretty light on the minor credits. The minor credits themselves are a nice option since they map to something career-specific as well. A back-up option could be to enroll in Liberal Studies now expressing to your adviser that you want to switch to History if it's offered later on. But I'd only do that if you compromise with yourself that you'd be just as happy graduating with the Liberal Studies degree if things don't go as rosy with NECHE for the History degree.
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Intro Post (closed for telling the truth about WGU)


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