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WGU Business Admin Students, Current and Graduate???
I have intentions on attending WGU's Business Admin program. I'll be transferring a years worth of credits from Straighterline. Can you guys and gals give me any feedback on the program. What can I expect in regards to coursework and testing? How does the computer proctoring work? Are all the assessments proctored online? . Also, if possible can someone breakdown the price comparison with the Big 3. WGU is the most affordable, is this correct?

Thanks for your time.
Charter Oak:
$165-220 per semester fee depending on residency
$236-$310 per credit depending on residency (6 credits are required to be taken with the college)

$395-975 enrollment fee for first year depending on enrollment option
$440-465 annual student fee depending on enrollment option
$355 per credit and you're required to take the capstone course with Excelsior

Thomas Edison:
Enrolled Option (best for those taking less than 24 credits with the school annually)
$1533-2858 enrollment fee for first year
$1340-2472 enrollment fee for subsequent years
$113 technology services fee per year
$157-212 per credit

Comprehensive plan (best for those taking more than 24 credit hours with the college each year)
$5176-7621 first year for up to 36 credits. $4310-6629 for subsequent years. It covers everything: PLAs, TECEPs, e-Packs, FlashTracks, guided study courses, and online courses. If you're receiving financial aid, you have to take at least 6 credits per semester in guided study or online courses and then you can take the other options for free. Other than that, TESC has no required course to be taken with the college in most degree plans.

$2890 per 6 month term

If you're looking to take a lot of credits each year through courses, then WGU and TESC are the cheapest options. If you're looking to test completely out, then Excelsior and COSC are the cheapest options.
I'm looking to do my Masters with WGU next year, so all I can tell you is what I've learned.

The proctored exams can either be online (at a testing center they approve, or via a webcam they provide), or physical with an approved proctor. Or so they've told me, and students in other forums have stated.

From what I've been told the coursework is mainly writing assignments, and the exams. Some you can just test out (if you do well enough on the pre-assessment), others you have to do the assignments.
sanantone Wrote:Charter Oak...

Thank you for this breakdown, that's good info.

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