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Weber State University - CS Flex program
I performed a search but didn't see any info for this. Wanted to let others be aware of this competency-based program and invite experiences/insights for anyone who may have taken this.

Weber State University (of Utah) offers a "CS Flex" program that was introduced Summer 2020:


According to the page, CS Flex is initially meant to provide all lower-division computer science courses in a competency-based format, however, there are plans to introduce more (upper-division) CS courses in the near future. Progress is measured by mastery of subject in graded format. Each course is separated into modules, where successfully completing one module opens up the next. The next course can be started once the previous is completed with no necessary wait time such as needing it to begin at the beginning of a semester. You need to get 80% or higher on challenge activities in order to demonstrate mastery of subject. You can register and begin a course at a variety of times during a semester (the academic coach needs to be contacted first), though you usually can begin immediately.

List of current CS courses:

Tuition is $291/credit for non-Utah residents, with each CS Flex course being 4 credits each. Each course must be paid first before beginning, so if you're using financial aid as a U.S. citizen it's handled a bit differently than semester-based courses. All the courses to get an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Science from Weber State can be attained completely online with the exception of PHYS 2210 and MATHs requirements which need to be taken elsewhere (up to 30 credits of CLEP are accepted, and other alternative credits are discretionally given:

This may be another option to getting competency-based lower (and soon upper-division) level regionally accredited CS courses that are also graded. And especially a good deal if you're a Utah resident based on their tuition. If anyone has any extra info or experiences with this program, please post it!
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This is competency-based only in the ability to accelerate; it's not a CBE program in the payment of it.
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Definitely better for people who want to move at a slower pace rather than accelerating to save money.
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There's a market for subscription CBE, there's a market for per-credit CBE.
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but it's still too expensive. Each of their course will cost $1200... Sad
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nomaduser Wrote:but it's still too expensive. Each of their course will cost $1200... Sad

Dang, that's the first thing I looked at too! Ouch! "Tuition is $291/credit for non-Utah residents, with each CS Flex course being 4 credits each."

There may be some modifications to their CS FLEX and how things are done later, for those needing lower level courses, you may be able to find it elsewhere. You can wait for the upper level if the CS Flex courses fit your needs.
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