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AI Seattle closing
(03-07-2019, 03:17 AM)Sparklette Wrote:

I feel bad for their students. The school is closing before the end of the term, plus many of their students transferred from other AI branches after those closed. I think after the first one closed, I'd have looked for another college.
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It’s sad. It used to be a good school. I know several people that graduated 15 years ago or so that got very good jobs right out of school and built great careers. It sounds like the previous owner didn’t invest in keeping up with the technology or updating the curriculum and then dumped the school on the new owner that didn’t have the background to make those improvements.
And why not keep it going for 2 more weeks to AT LEAST let the students finish the term?
There was a large slew of the Art Institutes that closed or are closing, including the one I went to before TESU. I feel bad for all of my friends now that went to the Art Institute and graduated from there. At this point, I think my degree will be seen as more credible than theirs given 1) accreditation 2) TESU is not a for-profit 3) TESU still exists and AI doesn't 4) I believe a few people have sued a few AI schools not to mention the US Government. I had one good teacher my entire time there, the rest were horrible. No surprise that they went out of business.
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When 18 campuses of your school close, it's time to get the hell out of there. When you stay and continue paying, you're being willfully ignorant and asking for your money to be taken.
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