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Another Thanks Thread
Coming onto this board I had 65 general credits all were approx 10 years old (and no associates, after learning from your posts I learned about ACE/alternative credit cleps and find myself (8months after discovering this forum) looking at completing my capstone course. I received a 98 on my 3rd capstone effectively clinching a passing grade in the course- even if I blow off the rest of the work and get a 0 on the last project I will get a C+ in the class. I don't plan on screwing over the other people on the group project, but having the piece of mind that now I am guaranteed my degree goes a long way.

Thanks to everyone on this forum especially bjcheung on their help and insight. Hope to see you guys on the graduate school forum
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Congrats! Great job!  You've put in the hard work in getting this far already, I would just follow through with getting that final project completed. 
Anyways, As this course is probably your only course that is graded, you can get that institutional GPA you want after all is said and done (4.0!).
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The blowing off the last class was more tongue in cheek. I've actually done 80% of the work already for my part of the group project (including coming up with the mock business). I did the cornerstone as well and got an A- which is a 3.7. lol oh well.

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