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Are InstantCredit classes deaf friendly?
Hello! I am wondering if anyone knows if InstantCredit classes are deaf friendly? I am at home and isolating while recovering from my heart transplant earlier this year and I want to take a few Instant-Credit courses.

I plan on taking:
American Government
Managerial Accounting
Principles of Marketing
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When you watch videos on a computer do you use the close captioning? Maybe that is an option for the videos?
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I know I am late to this, but yes, they are closed-captioned.
thanks for the information
I paid for an InstantCert InstantCredit Course....

The text options are PERFECT!
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 Go Snow Owls!!! 
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I spent about two months subscribed and looking over American Politics course. I didn't take the test with InstantCert and did it at UMPI instead. The course was extremely informative. The captioning was absolutely perfect and completely on point.
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