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Aspen University: online Doctorate in Computer Science
(07-28-2020, 02:59 PM)sciencemathematics1 Wrote: My goals are both professional advancement and status purposes along with getting a research position.

Then it sounds like a D.Sc. from Aspen may be just fine for meeting your goals.

With an Aspen D.Sc., you can pretty much do all the same stuff that anyone with a RA doctorate degree can do. You can call yourself a doctor, do research, publish papers, write books, etc. About the only thing you won't be able to do is to become a tenure-track professor at an RA college or university. For that, you'd really need a Ph.D. from a RA university that is well-regarded in your field of study to have the best chance of success.

That said, Aspen isn't a very highly-respected school, so you won't have the name recognition or professional contacts that you'd get from attending a top CS school. But that won't limit your job prospects or what you can do with the degree.
Working on: Researching doctoral programs for a potential 2021-22 start

MBA (IT Management), 2019, Western Governors University
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ASNSM (Computer Science), 2019, Thomas Edison State University

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I am looking at what some people have said about the program.
There was this article posted which criticized it. However, there were also some comments on the article.
According to this comment and another comment which is a reply to it, they said that they have researched the curriculum and that it is rigorous.
Quote:As far as the contents of the program go, they are very hard. I am an IT professional with undergrad and grad degree from well-respected brick and mortar universities. The contents of the doctoral program are far difficult than anything I have ever encountered, and I have hands-on programming and development experience from fortune 15 companies. Professors have Ph.D.’s from well-respected brick and mortar universities at Aspen. The curriculum is as good as the universities you referred to in your writing. 

Quote:I do find the Dr in CS at Aspen really good and in line with other PhD programs in so called Ivy Colleges… I have researched the curriculum, every class. I have even downloaded text books of some classes and review chapters etc... I think that the curriculum is rigorous and follows traditional PhD CS programs… Therefore, I am seriously considering attending the program…
Looking at their program, they do seem to offer a number of advanced computer science courses, although I do not know about how their courses and cirriculum compare to other doctoral programs, although these comments say that they are comparable.
I found a university which offers online doctorates in artificial intelligence and quantum computing.
Capitol technology is a private university which is regionally accredited and non-profit, unlike Aspen university. They also do have a physical campus and STEM degrees that are campus-only, but for some reason, these doctoral programs are offered only online.
There are not many universities which offer PhD's with specifically these two titles, although there are many where you would be able to study these subjects within another program like a PhD in computer science.
These PhD's require master's degrees for admission, and the programs don't consist of anything other then the research part of the PhD. 
When it comes to the costs of these kinds of PhD programs, there are external funding sources available for PhD students in STEM subjects, because there are organizations which give grants to PhD students for research.

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