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CLEP Economics
I have plenty of experience with CLEP. I have noticed that their test content often changes, and does not agree with the practice questions in their own books. For instance, I spent a bunch of time practicing various types of math problems that were not on the math test at all. 

I plan to take Micro and Macro Economics this summer. The latest books from CLEP show these tests as being pretty much 100% math problems. I am looking for anyone who has taken these tests recently who can confirm how much was math, and how much was concept knowledge.

Thanks very much.
We don't get a lot of people interested in that specific CLEP exam lately, probably because is so cheap/easy/fast for most students. I would suggest checking out to see if anyone has shared their experiences there.
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I rarely read the CLEP exam feedback subforum, but for subscribers, we do have one for CLEP Macro and CLEP Micro... That's another avenue to investigate in addition to the cheap/free options online.
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Instantcert is a good source to get inside information from people that have recently taken CLEP exams. They will tell you what to study and sometimes provide a study guide for the course. 

People have passed Micro/Macro econ using only Instantcert. However, you should go through the ModernState course, take the practice questions, and get the free CLEP voucher.
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