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COM-209 Public Speaking Study Material
I'm trying to fill up my Com-209/Com-108 slot. I was planning on studying the Principles of Public Speaking course from Dsst. There's no study material on instant cert or modern courses, and I couldn't find it on, so does anyone know of some good solidly fantastic material to pass this test? Thanks!

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Communications 120 from SDC transfers to TESU as COM-290 and fills the Public speaking slot. There is no actual presentation of any kind required and all the necessary study material is included in the course. I highly recommend this alternative to anyone who might feel awkward about giving a presentation to a webcam at a testing center.
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So communication 120 (COM-290) is eligible for TESU BSBA in accounting 2019? And it gives you 3 semester credits?
(07-12-2019, 02:37 PM)FishNDip Wrote: So communication 120 (COM-290) is eligible for TESU BSBA in accounting 2019? And it gives you 3 semester credits?

For me, it applied to BACS and BAMath 2018 for 3 semester credits. It would be worth emailing academic advising just to confirm. They usually reply within a day or two.
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COM 120: Presentation Skills in the Work Place comes in as COM-290, and can be used to meet the Oral Comm requirement at TESU for any degree.
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Ok, I emailed them to be certain.

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