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COSC - No CLEP/All Online BSBA Degree Transcript
(03-17-2019, 07:27 PM)elbebopkid Wrote: I received my degree earlier this week. After all the processing with COSC wraps up, there's a week or so delay till they give you the link to fill out the diploma order. The diploma is fulfilled through Awards Group. A third-party awards company. I put in my order, and it noted it could take up to 8 weeks for production and they took EVERY LAST BIT of that 8 weeks. Emailed me a week before it arrived that my diploma was experiencing a delay. Said I'd probably see the order update with a tracking number on their site by the end of the week. On late friday there was a tracking number. The following Tuesday, it arrived.
So if you go to COSC, you might expect two months+ after graduation until you get a diploma. But I waited two decades to finally get a degree. What's another 8 weeks? [Image: 53713809-10157036446572438-6454388711109951488-o.jpg]

By the way...

I saw that people were having trouble viewing the images of the advising worksheet. I've created a downloadable file of the PDF with all personal info removed. Anyone should be able to download the file here: Advising Worksheet Example


Don't they mention as BSBA?
BS - 2020 (In Progress)
BBA, MK  University - 2003

StraighterLine : 
Accounting I, Accounting II, American Government, Business Statistics, Cultural Anthropology, Calculus I, Physics I, IT Fundamentals, Intro to Communication, Introduction to Religion, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Principles of Management

302: System Analysis & Design, 307: Software Engineering, 104: College Composition l, 104: College Composition II, 303: Management Information Systems, 311: Project Management

TEEX:  Cyber Ethics, Cyber Law

The Institutes: Ethics

CSM: The CSM Course

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No. It just says either Bachelor of Science (or Bachelor of Arts.) Kinda lame that there's no specialization mentioned. But what're ya gonna do?
Congrats! That's awesome!!
(05-26-2019, 12:19 PM)elbebopkid Wrote: No. It just says either Bachelor of Science (or Bachelor of Arts.) Kinda lame that there's no specialization mentioned. But what're ya gonna do?

Wow.  You're like my hero!
(06-11-2019, 04:27 PM)jeremyeugenejames Wrote:
(05-26-2019, 12:19 PM)elbebopkid Wrote: No. It just says either Bachelor of Science (or Bachelor of Arts.) Kinda lame that there's no specialization mentioned. But what're ya gonna do?

Wow.  You're like my hero!

Gosh. Thanks.
Does COSC still accept Shmoop courses?  And, what is your take on Shmoop as a provider?  As a newbie also starting from scratch, my research suggests that Shmoop is not a preferred or popular choice amongst members here.
The Institues-Insurance Ethics (2cr)                          
Sophia.orgDeveloping Effective Teams (1cr), The Essentials of Managing Conflict (1cr)
CSMLearn- CSMLearn Course (3cr)
TEEX- Cybersecurity 101, 201, 301 (11cr)
I have not heard any updates on Shmoop, but believe COSC still accepts them. Shmoop is very unpopular mainly due to the wacky, confusing, frustrating nature of the exam questions on some of the courses. Also, the informal nature of the material is annoying. (Think an older person annoyingly trying to be relatable to teens by awkwardly using their jargon and slang.)
Some courses are very difficult. Others are laughably easy. For example, I had insomnia one night and easily passed Human Sexuality in less than two hours by taking the exams cold without reading any of the coursework. It was 8th grade health class fundamental stuff and very easy to pick the correct answers with common sense.
Physics on the other hand, was a nightmare.
At only $89, I would suggest giving it a try. It's a bargain. You could definitely do Human Sexuality, Professional Writing, History of Technology, and a literature course or two (some of them are only four exams long) if nothing else and fill out a few electives very cheaply. They offer a free trial. Use it to poke around and see what you think.
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If you choose COSC Shoomp is one of the cheapest options around. For only $89 a month for unlimited credits. If you pass a few courses in a months time you are looking at a really good bargain compared to other providers. I belive EC also accepts Shoomp. TESU and WGU do not.
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Congrats! This is the best thread in years! Big Grin Degree pics, transcript copy, and costs......well done!
Non-Traditional Undergraduate College Credits (634 SH): *FTCC Noncourse Credits (156 SH) *DSST (78 SH) *CPL (64 SH) *JST Military/ACE (48 SH) *CBA (44 SH) *CLEP (42 SH) *FEMA IS (40 SH) *FEMA EM (38 SH) *ECE/UExcel (30 SH) *PLA Portfolio (28 SH) *EMI/ACE (19 SH) *TEEX/ACE (16 SH) *CWE (11 SH) *NFA/ACE (10 SH) *Kaplan/ACE (3 SH) *CPC (2 SH) *AICP/ACE (2 SH) *Sophia/ACE (2 SH) and *FRTI-UM/ACE (1 SH).
Non-Traditional Graduate College Credits (14 SH): AMU (6 SH); NFHS (5 SH); and JSU (3 SH).

Thanks. I even just landed a marketing dept. job at the corporate hq of a large bank chain at a SIGNIFICANT pay increase and more benefits. I start next month. Wouldn't have even been considered without a degree to check the box. So this has turned out to be a very worthy investment that will more than pay for itself in a year.
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