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Cancelled clep scores?: Please HELP!
Hi everyone! Back on October 6th, 2023, I took the analysis and interpretation of literature clep exam and didn’t pass. I just took it again yesterday (since you have to wait 90 days/3 months to retake clep exams) and my college test center said that the test was submitted but they didn’t receive an unofficial score. I called collegeboard today and they said that the scores were cancelled on their end. However, I don’t remember clicking a cancel scores button and thought I submitted them. The representative on the phone told me I would be receiving a call within 5-7 business days from someone higher up and gave me a case number to provide to them. Has anyone ever encountered this same issue? And if you did speak to someone higher up after speaking to a regular clep customer service rep, were they able to retrieve your cancelled scores? I’m freaking out because this is the first clep exam I was able to answer all questions on and I just want to know if I passed so I can receive credit.
I have taken a lot of CLEP exams but never had this issue. I have always been paranoid about accidently clicking cancel. Unfortunately I believe you may be out of luck as I believe that once you click cancel, it does not submit any of the information, but hopefully I am wrong and there is a copy sent back to CLEP anyway. Good luck with this and once you get confirmation one way or the other, please let us know the outcome.
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If you cancel your scores, there is no way to retrieve them once they are canceled. However, some people have reported that they were able to get their scores reinstated after contacting the CLEP office and explaining their situation. It seems that it depends on the reason for the cancellation and the discretion of the CLEP staff. I hope that you will get a positive response from the higher-up and that your scores will be valid. Good luck!

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