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Cheapest Online Regionally Accredited Master's Business Degree
From my research, I think Amberton University is the cheapest online regionally accredited institution that offers the M.B.A. Are there other online schools that you recommend I look into? I only care about regional accreditation. I was hoping to do a specialization in Marketing.

I would greatly appreciate any information.

I am not interested in WGU because I don't think I can dedicate enough time towards self-paced classes. 

Thank you.
Maybe you can get better feedback if you post this thread in the "Graduate School Discusion" sub-forum, it is specific for Master and PhD.

In the other hand... i want to ask you... you really think you can get good "training" in marketing with a marketing course?? As i talk with some people, Marketing is one of those subjects where Universities teachs you obsolete things or at least, things that are below what is actually handled in the market...
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There are some others similar to WGU where it's cheap if you finish fast. If you could finish in a year, it's worth considering, otherwise Amberton makes sense. Many of the MBAs, such as JFK U's, don't have a Marketing option.
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You can find Missouri State University. It has good online MBA too
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