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Complaints about Liberty
from veterans
At Liberty University, Veterans’ Complaints Keep Coming (
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Is anyone surprised about complaints? I mean there are several lawsuits so I would figure that there are complaints.
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Oh, that's not good. I was looking into going to Liberty University Online. Is it not a good option, thoughts?
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If you plan to attend Liberty enroll for one month in Sophia and complete at least one course. This will entitle you to a 15% discount at Liberty. If you are willing to have a background check, Liberty offers a 25% first responder discount to members of the Civil Air Patrol. Membership is $80 per year. Both discounts stack.
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I am a proud alumnus of Liberty University School of Business.

My experience as a Liberty University Student was very good.

As its mission is training Champions for Christ, Liberty University will always be a target.

As an active duty Sailor, and as a veteran, I spent many years as a graduate student (Distance Education, of course) I now live very near Lynchburg, Virginia. I love it here.

For so many reasons, I cannot say enough good things about Liberty University.

And... I am looking forward to watching the Liberty University Football team play in the Fiesta Bowl
Because of the large amount of free electives, you can hack a lot of their degrees with lots of alt credit.

There is one degree plan for business though general ed is basically the same for all degrees
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There have been some 'slack' going on with Liberty as a whole in the last couple of years, even with the attention they're getting, I still see many people get undergrad, or graduate programs through them. It's a good option, but I would keep my eyes open just in case something better comes along, as I believe for both undergrad and grad, there are some specific classes that are required that not many need/want to take... It's the only thing holding me back from recommending them more often, unless of course, they have a specific credential or degree that's not offered anywhere else...
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