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Core College Courses
Does anyone know the cheapest online regionally accredited 2 or 4 year college that offers core courses (Humanities, English Composition, etc..)

I've been accepted into University of Alabama's Mechanical Engineering degree program, but I need core curriculum courses. They do not accept ACE credit, but will from most any regionally accredited institution. So, the cheapest is what I've been searching for.
This board usually recommends three providers: Clovis Community College, Luna Community College, and NMJC (New Mexico Junior College) is my recommended choice.

Essentially they're all lower level first/second year courses. They have selective courses available online.
FYI: You can also review this wiki link for more:
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Thanks for the quick response! This is certainly better than what I was finding.
NMJC is the cheapest I've found for out-of-state students ($69/cr). But, they are traditional semester-based courses (or maybe ½ semesters for a few courses), so not the best if you need something NOW.

Clovis is $121/cr, but also has some 8-week options (½ semester), and has limited online courses

Luna CC is $38/cr, but doesn't have any 8-week options, and has very limited online courses - they are also on probation and may lose their regional accreditation, so I'd be careful there.
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The first place I would look is local. Your local CC might be your cheapest option it depends on the state. Plus they offer a lot of scholarships and other programs (many states offer free or discounted CC to Senior Citizens for example).

Another option is Alabama does accept CLEP. So if you would like you can do CLEP tests to get college credit which might be even quicker and cheaper than the CC route.

Note 50% of your degree must come from a 4 Year Univesity with 25% of that specifically at Alabama. So that means you can transfer in about 60 credits from CC and/or CLEP towards an engineering degree. This large number seems difficult due to specific courses required for an engineering degree but something to keep in mind.

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