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Country Preview - Mexico Doctoral Programs
Hey! Just checking some doctoral programs, this time from 'down south' in Mexico!
Found an interesting link: Online Doctorates in Mexico 2022 | Programs and costs (

Basically, it's a very small list of example programs offered online and tuition fees.
The bulk of these doctorates are roughly $8-10K USD for 3-4 years of research projects.

One caught my attention, UNADE, this is a Mexican/Spain partnership it seems.
By clicking their link, you get the doctorate list, just shows there are 7 programs.
I requested follow up to a few of their offerings, we'll see what happens next...

Randomly selected Funiber, they have multiple country sites and have similar programs as UNADE.
I checked their doctorate programs and scholarships link as well on their US site instead.

Here's one that's not on their list, they only have 2 online programs (Cultural Management, Educational Systems)
Interesting offerings though.  Link: Virtual University System | University of Guadalajara (

Update: Here's a website for "Data Mexico", lookup of several industries.  I randomly did a search of a few universities
It came up with a few names, I clicked them, and it came up with enrollment, etc! Explorer | Data México ( Offer
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Certs: 6Sigma/Lean/Scrum, ITIL | Cisco/CompTIA/MTA | Coursera/Edx/Udacity

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