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Coursera Medical Terminology course

How are you this evening? I was wondering something. I am currently taking a free course through Coursera on Medical Terminology. If I want to earn the certificate from Coursera, I'll have to pay $49 for it. That said, I was wondering if any colleges accept this course for college credit if I pass and decide to pay the $49 for it other than perhaps the University of Pittsburgh, which created the course for the Coursera platform.  I don't think TESU accepts Coursera courses except through a successful Portfolio Assessment, but I could be wrong here. I also know that TESU has its own 1 credit course on Medical terminology. Just looking for an opinion here. Would you pay for the certificate through Coursera or would you take the free training from Coursera on Medical Terminology and use it to study for the 1 credit TECEP on Medical Terminology? I'm leaning toward taking the TECEP exam, but I was wondering if there were any other inexpensive options that I didn't know about or consider. 

Thank you for your input!

I'd use the free course to study for the TECEP. In general, I wouldn't expect any college to accept any MOOCs for credit unless there's a specific agreement or unless the mooc results in actual credit on a school transcript.
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IMO, the medical terminology TECEP is actually (relatively) easy to pass if you've been studying. It's definitely going to be worth more than a Coursera certificate. If you have a membership, the practice test there isn't perfectly aligned with the test but I still got nearly the same score on the TECEP as I did on the practice.

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