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Credit Banking Question
I ran through the search for Credit Banking, but most of it had to do with FEMA Courses.

Does anyone have experience with Credit Banking through EC and/or TESC for credit other than FEMA?

My Microsoft Certifications are applied differently at EC and TESC. TESC trasfers 20 credits, and EC closer to 30. Specifically a 4 credit course in Database Management from TESC and a 3 credit course in Programming from EC.

Will I be able to enroll at one college, credit bank the other college, and send the transcripts to the college I enrolled in? Effectively getting credit from the courses credit banked college that were not originally utilized by the enrolled college.
cinderly Wrote:In most cases, colleges want to evaluate your credits for themselves. Unfortunately, this means that we (usually) cannot transcribe credits at the most favorable source then transfer them into whichever school ultimately awards the degree.

(That's why most colleges ask for transcripts from all schools attended -- they want to evaluate your work for themselves.)

Sorry for not clarifying, all of my transcripts have been submitted to both colleges already. This would be in addition the transcripts.
Yeah, I'll ask Monday. I'm just unsure what the difference would be from taking a course at the unenrolled school and sending transcripts, or banking the equivalent course through the IT Certification. I don't think they show that the course was Certed, unless the course # is different from the cert transcript, but as far as I know, its the same.

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