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Credit for Spanish: CLEP vs Straighterline vs Saylor vs AP
Hola a todos.

Here's my situation:
I took AP Spanish and AP Spanish Literature in high school. I have those credits on my transcripts. I also took Spanish 280 and Spanish 285 at my community college, and got C's in those. I was tuned out and bored since I spoke it well and didn't do homework and blah blah blah.

Now I'm looking at options to retake these tests, and replace those C's with the P from these courses. 

My guess is that all of these courses would be roughly equivalent in terms of the knowledge required to pass them. I'm honestly kind of surprised that they took my 280 and 285 after AP SPanish literature. IN all honesty, that high school lit class was a lot harder than the college classes.

Does anyone have any experience they can comment with? 

Or even crazier, is it possible to get credit from multiple testing places? Why not go all in on Spanish if they'll let me.
You can't replace actual college courses with alternative credit. The only way to replace them would be if your original school will let you retake them.
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They said something like that before. They also said just now that they might remove the ones from my record and allow me to put new ones on.

Here's what I got from my advisor:

There is not much in the way of advanced language that is approved for credit. NYU has a language testing program for 16.00 credits, of which 12.00 are lower level and 4.00 upper level. You only need to take the 4.00 credits, but it’s not enough to complete the depth. The lower 12.00 will dupe your AP exam.

We wouldn’t approve the CLEP Spanish exam, which I believe is only 9.00 credits because you already have that credit as noted above.

There is also the America Council of on the Teaching Foreign Languages, where you can earn credit in Oral, Listening, Reading and Writing, but I don’t know the specifics of how one takes it. Here is the link for it and the ACE recommendations.
You already have all the lower level Spanish credit available to you:
Parts 1 & 2 through your AP exam (assuming you scored 3 or higher) and then parts 3 & 4 through your community college.

There is nothing else in the lower level that you need.

If you want upper level, that's something else. What are your goals and reasons for wanting more credit or replacing your existing credit?
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