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Direct Entry DNP programs
Now that I have my MPH plan set, I’m looking into possible next steps. Currently comparing direct entry MSN and DNP programs. The 2 I’m looking into are:

I want something that is directed towards public health research.

Anyone know of other programs to consider?

I’m not 100% sure this is the direction I will go, but is a strong possibility.
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(04-13-2018, 01:57 PM)Sparklette Wrote:

regarding columbia: make sure you apply to the correct program

Q) Can I apply to both the MDE and the MDE/DNP or MDE/PdD?

A) No. You can only apply to one program option. The MDE program prepares students as registered nurses, the MDE/DNP program prepares students for an advanced practice license, and the MDE/PhD prepares students as nurse researchers and scientists. You should apply to the program that fits your professional goals.

the best thing about columbia is that they accept the Excelsior examinations for A&P and Microbiology to meet prerequisites -- no lab required
You would relocate, or do you need one that lets you do clinical sites elsewhere, if that exists?
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(04-13-2018, 05:56 PM)Ideas Wrote: You would relocate, or do you need one that lets you do clinical sites elsewhere, if that exists?

I would consider relocating for the right program, like Columbia’s.
#5 is a much better place to get DNP advice than here.
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