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English vs. Journalism
All things being equal, with a BSBA undergrad .....what do you guys think would have more overall marketplace value - a Master's in English or a Master's in Journalism?
(07-03-2019, 02:04 PM)elbebopkid Wrote: All things being equal, with a BSBA undergrad .....what do you guys think would have more overall marketplace value - a Master's in English or a Master's in Journalism?

I'd imagine it would depend on where you're trying to go. What's your goal?
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What is your end goal? I feel like a Masters in Journalism coupled with a BSBA opens up opportunities in the news world though I am not an expert on said stuff.
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I think that the degree in English is better. A decade or so ago, many schools phased out journalism degrees and there are half as many journalism jobs as there used to be. The general English degree can relate to grant and technical writing.
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Hmm, I think this thread will be like a Venn Diagram - it'll lead to others mentioning a third degree option - Masters in Communications. I think the three degrees will have similar prospective jobs in the marketplace. Ultimately, you need to find your end career goal and work towards that. Getting the degree that matches it would be preparation to get into that industry and staying in it...
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I think Journalism is better if that's what you want to do, or if you want to do something very similar, but I agree with eriehiker.
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I think a degree in English is more useful overall - Journalism limits you.

But like everyone said, it really depends on what you plan on doing. Can you get both? Can you get a MA in English and a BA in journalism at the same time? Etc.
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I would get the MA in English.

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a Masters in English

at least you might be able to get a job teaching

but don't take out a loan to pay for the Masters
My dream goal is being a tv sportscaster. My work experience includes working for a trade magazine for seven years that includes photojournalism/cover shoots/tons of video/documentary projects/print articles/press releases/web articles/social media etc.... working freelance for a local news website, working photojournalism very briefly for a newspaper's arts & entertainment special weekly (it went defunct), and three broadcasts doing play by play commentary for alternative sports on ESPN3.
An alternate goal would be to work in PR/communications in government and politics. Either career path would be fulfilling.

When soliciting advice for transitioning into more TV/broadcast work, older wiser people insisted to really get anywhere, or be taken seriously for positions, I would need a Journalism degree. I have my doubts on whether that's really true, given my existing portfolio of experience. It seems like a degree would be redundantly throwing away money getting a sheepskin for something I already know how to do. In researching it, it seems journalism degrees aren't really all that respected....yet most people in the jobs that I'd want DO have them.

Yet English seems like the more useful degree in that there's more potential fallback job options with it. Journalism degrees are worthless outside the shrinking field of journalism.

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