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Excelsior is retiring UExcel exams! This month!
Excelsior College will no longer offer UExcel exams after the Summer 2022 trimester. If you are interested in taking a UExcel exam(s), the deadline for registration is Thursday, June 30. The last day to take a UExcel exam is Sunday, August 21.
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Wow, that's definitely not a lot of notice. I wonder why they're retiring them after going through the process of converting them to online exams.
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so many great exams
and now they're gone

Abnormal Psychology
Adult Nursing *
Anatomy & Physiology
Anatomy and Physiology I
Anatomy and Physiology II
Basic Genetics
Bioethics: Philosophical Issues
Business Ethics
Business Information Systems
Business Law
College Writing
Contemporary Mathematics
Cultural Diversity
Earth Science
English Composition
Ethics: Theory & Practice
Financial Accounting
Foundations of Gerontology
Fundamentals of Nursing *
General Chemistry I
Human Resource Management
Interpersonal Communication
Introduction to Computer Programming Using Java
Introduction to Macroeconomics
Introduction to Microeconomics
Introduction to Music
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Juvenile Delinquency
Labor Relations
Life Span Developmental Psychology
Literacy Instruction in the Elementary School
Managerial Accounting
Maternal and Child Nursing (Baccalaureate) *
Operations Management
Organizational Behavior
Political Science
Precalculus Algebra
Principles of Finance
Principles of Management
Principles of Marketing
Psychiatric / Mental Health Nursing *
Psychology of Adulthood & Aging
Quantitative Analysis
Research Methods in Psychology
Science of Nutrition
Social Psychology
Spanish Language
Weather and Climate
Workplace Communication With Computers
World Conflicts Since 1900
World Population
Harder to get Psychology alt-credit now, sure that was the only way to get one of them.
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UExcel was popular in the early days of the big 3.
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Seems like these types of exams are going the way of the dinosaur. CSU Global was retiring their SSA exams. They had retired several of them while I was attending. Excelsior probably isn't making enough $$$ on these exams. Many of the courses listed are readily available as ACE credits elsewhere. I can see Excelsior becoming like ESC everyday. They definitely are NOT nearly as transfer easy as they once were. They're kind of a pain to work with honestly.
Wow, not good. I never took UExcel exams but they definitely have some great options. I have a few young adults but I wish I could get them to take the nursing exams before the school does away with them. Sigh...
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Ouch, there goes the cheap alternative upper level credits that was not available elsewhere... some of those upper level are just $110+exam fee. Oh well, Excelsior is most likely wanting people to take courses from them instead of taking these exams for credit. Sad...
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There are cheaper alternatives to most of the UExcel exams, and the school probably didn't have many students willing to pay the higher costs now that there are options available. This will be a bummer for those using UExcel as cheap RA/graded credit, but for alt credit in general I think most of these exams (but not all, unfortunately) are duplicated elsewhere.
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Wow! I've long been done with undergraduate education, but I think I will register for the physics exam since there are no CBE options other than tests made available to high school students.
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Int Alg, Coll Alg
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Intro to Comm, Microbio, Acc I
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