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Instructions registering for exams
It's been a while since we registered for exams (pre-Covid) in our house.
Is it posted somewhere how to register for the various exams?
Which exams? UExcels are gone now...
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@Carnation, are you referring to ACE/NCCRS exams from various providers? Or are you referring to CLEP, DSST, and TECEPS? I am assuming it's the latter as we're in the CLEP, TECEPS sub forum... Just making sure we're on the same page. Offer
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CLEP and DSST for now.
For CLEP, you need to buy the voucher on their website; and then schedule an exam (either at a testing center or online). Different ways to do that.

For DSST, you pay at the testing center.

All of this assumes you are not military, which would be a totally different process for both.
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I know for DSST you pay at the testing center, but I know in the past that we had to register online before we arrived at the test site.
Is that still true?
If so, where do I go to register... it's not obvious on the website.

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