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Explain TESU Fees...PLEASE
Okay, can someone help me understand the fees associated with earning a degree at TESU. I've seen things about the residency waiver, that the graduation fee is $3000, and other things. I haven't seen any of this on their website, so I'm just trying to be prepared.

I was planning to take 12 credit hours in the fall so I can pay for just the flat-rate tuition. But is there more that I'm missing?
The graduation fee (as of 2019-2020) is $298 paid the year of graduation.
residency waiver is for those who do not earn 16 credits at TESU as shown on the fee webpage. currently $2800. Add those together and that's why people are saying $3000.

other fees such as transcript and duplicate diploma, late registration, etc. are on the website on this link if you haven't seen this.
Got it! Thank you so much. I'm going through everything now and restructuring my plan as I find more out about TESU and its requirements  Dodgy
If you plan on taking 12 credits at Tesu you might as well take 16.

Take anywhere from 0 - 15 credits at TESU you must pay a $2800 fee.

If you take 16 or more credits at TESU and there is no fee. Even if the 16 credits are spread out over multiple terms, still no fee. TECEPs don't count. But of course even with no fee you have to pay for all 16 credits which isn't cheap either.

The flat rate tution is for 10+ credits all in the same term. So you have to take all classes at once to get the flat rate vs per credit.

The $300 graduation fee everyone has to pay no matter what once you graduate.

So this is why is anyone is planning on taking 9 credits or more at TESU anyways, I'd recommend at least considering bumping it to 16 as a way to save money.
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I originally thought it would be waived with 10+ credits, but I found out later that's not the case! I plan to take 16 now, preferably all guided study so I can still work at my own pace with the courses. I'm about to be taking A&P II, Gen Bio I, and Gen Chem 1 under 8 weeks, so I'm going to have to work on TESU by itself in August. But I'll also have courses to take via SDC and such. Such a complicated plan  Undecided
Is the flat-rate different if you have the SDC partnership?
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-Ok so for a resident of NJ, is flat rate tuition good?

-Including 6 remaining cornerstone/capstone - so 3-4 classes to get residency waiver on top of the 6 (required anyway)

-Does anyone advice epacks?
(06-04-2020, 02:41 AM)Edriveless Wrote: -Ok so for a resident of NJ, is flat rate tuition good?

-Including 6 remaining cornerstone/capstone - so 3-4 classes to get residency waiver on top of the 6 (required anyway)

-Does anyone advice epacks?

I'm taking an e-pack right now, Introduction to Counseling. I like the format. I worked ahead in chapters and (not for grade credit) quizzes when it was easier for me, and slowed down when Sophia and a few other things were needed. 

My final exam and only graded assignment is next week. Check my profile after I get graded for how I feel then. ???
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Just an FYI, I did the Guided Study for my capstone, and it was definitely NOT self-paced. There were still deadlines for everything, and with a 12-week term, they came up pretty quickly. I think 12cr in that amount of time is a lot for most people, unless you're a full-time student.

ePack's are just study courses for the final exam. If you want to pay that much, and have everything rest on the final exam entirely (100% of the course grade is that final exam), go for it. I probably would not, as I'm a good test-taker, but don't want to stake my GPA on it.

The flat-rate tuition, whether you're in-state or out-of-state is decent, but really only maximizes things if you're doing 16cr. If you're only doing 12cr, then you don't get rid of the residency waiver, so then you have to spend additional money to get residency (pay $1516 for 4 additional credits - so a 1cr course and the capstone) or pay the $2800 residency waiver which is kind of silly at that point. Obviously if you have a Pell grant or something like that, then this is moot.
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(06-05-2020, 11:25 AM)dfrecore Wrote: I probably would not, as I'm a good test-taker, but don't want to stake my GPA on it.

Your overall point is valid, if you're not a good test taker it's probably not the best fit. But as far as GPA, e-packs are Credit/No-Credit, so there's no impact to your GPA and as long as you pass it shouldn't be an issue.
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