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Finishing my Bachelors- I have 16 months of my GI Bill Left for a Masters
Ok, so, I graduated high school in 2003. Did not take school seriously enough, I get distracted by shiny things easily. Shiny being money. 16 years and several epic failures later, I am a Real Estate Investor with 5 kids, 4 are teens. Thanks to the brains on this board, and some articles like it, I am actually finishing my degree. Not that I didn't KNOW about CLEP and some other options, but I never connected the dots quite like they are here. So very excited to have someone else map it out, so I can pick it apart and remap it for me (and my teens). 

SO. I have a plan to get me done in the next few months, most credits done before Valentines, then the requirements for TESU (Considering sending my transcripts to COSC, too, but I like the University in the name). 

What's next is that I have an expiring GI Bill with 16 months (Post 9/11 50%). I don't get the luxury of the Forever GI Bill, I started using mine too early. I also have the Hazelwood Act with plenty of credit hours as well (Public Texas only schools). I have until 2022 to use my GI Bill before I loose that free money and I want to get a Masters. I'd like something that I can try and get credit for my experience, as I have a successful real estate investing company (not too successful, don't get excited). I'd like to set myself up to move over to a hedge fund, or REIT or something along those lines where I can collect a nice check for doing what I already do and use the income to accelerate my rental portfolio growth for a few years. That would be something in Finance, Alternative Investments, Real Estate, ect. I also have a mind to get my PMP, and use that towards some credit as some colleges do award that.

Though, my priorities, in order are- 
1) Fast (and online. Severely limited time here, 5 kids, businesses)
2) Use my free money (so public Texas school checks both boxes, totally will look outside of Texas to achieve #1)
3) Learn something new about finance to be super employable when I'm sick of digging through nasty houses and want to get paid to show up with my lovely brain. 

Guidance is appreciated!
Do you have any credits at all or anything that could be counted as credits? Can list it below?

I agree you should look at schools in Texas with the Hazelwood and Act and GI bill. That would be a good use of funds.

Are you looking for advice about your bachelors, masters or both?
This forum has been absolutely gold. Bachelors, I'm good. Master's is where I need a little guidance.

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