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Free Coursera via New York State

Massacusetts, too.
University of Michigan, 1997, BA Ed.; Teaching Cert.: English/Social Sciences
Marygrove College, 2003, MAT: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
TESU, 2018, BSBA: Accounting/CIS; ASNSM: Math/Comp. Sci.; Certs: Finance, Org. Lead., Ops. Man., Marketing
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, 2018, Grad. Cert.: Economics Ed.; 18 Grad. Credits - Economics
Harvard University Extension, 2019, Poetry in America Series; 20 Grad. Credits - English
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Thank you so much! My friend is really happy with this offering!
In Progress:
BA Statistics, Indonesian Open University
MCom Computer Science, Universitas Esa Unggul
MM Marketing, Universitas Tarumanagara, 2020
BE Civil Engineering, Universitas Pelita Harapan, 2017
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Wednesday announced the launch of a new online training platform which will enable unemployed New Yorkers weathering the Covid-19 pandemic to learn new skills, earn certificates, and advance their careers at no cost.
The new tool will provide access to nearly 4,000 online programs taught by leading professors and industry professionals on Coursera.
It will focus on high-growth and in-demand sectors like advanced manufacturing, technology, and health care, among others.
Community College: College Success Skills | Gen. Psychology | Span 1 | Eng. 101 | Accounting 1 | Accounting 2 | Comp Skills Scholarship: Per. Finance | Prin. of Marketing | Digi. Mark. & Advertising | HR Manage. | Prin. of Finance

The Institutes: Ethics

Sophia: Proj. Management

Straighterline:​ Survey of World History | Principles of Management | MacroEco. | MicroEco. | American Gov | US History 1 | US History 2 | Western Civ 1 | Western Civ 2 | Business Law | Intro to Religion | Cultural Anthropology | Intro to Environ. Science | Intro to Soc

ALEKS: Inter. Algebra | College Algebra | Intro to Stats

TEEX: Cyber 101 | Cyber 201 | Cyber 301

NFA: Fire Service Supervision: Self Study

Certified: Six Sigma Yellow Belt [8 PDU]
Any way to earn college credit for these courses?
(11-22-2020, 06:46 PM)ctcarl Wrote: Any way to earn college credit for these courses?

Not in my experience unless you're in one of the degree programs on Coursera. Your milage may vary.

I wonder if you will still have to pay the $49 for the certificate?

UMPI: BLS with Management Information Systems, Project Management, and Management minors - Graduating Spring 2021

Community College: AS Individual Studies
Community College: AAS Business Administration

Sophia: Environmental Science, Developing Effective Teams, The Essentials of Managing Conflict, College Algebra, Visual Communication, Microeconomics, Introduction to Information Technology, Introduction to Statistics, Human Biology
(11-22-2020, 06:46 PM)ctcarl Wrote: Any way to earn college credit for these courses?

The Google IT Support Certificate is available through Coursera. It is approved by ACE. TESU gives 3 credits, recommended for up to 12.
TESU BSBA Gen Mgmt - In progress
Straighterline - 72 credits
Sophia - 29 credits - 12 credits
TEEX - 2 credits
Brick and mortar - 27 credits
Goal: teaching cert, state of GA

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