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Free Udemy Courses
Go to for a full categorical listing of all the Udemy courses which is updated on a daily basis.

Here's my Udemy review:


Founder of

Entrepreneur and Software Developer
MBA from Durham University, UK
B.S. in Computer Info Systems from Excelsior College
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(01-16-2020, 05:51 AM)padma Wrote: Go to for a full categorical listing of all the Udemy courses which is updated on a daily basis.

That is a good resource for free courses. Though you can find most if not all of those courses by doing a filtered search on the Udemy website directly.

I also regularly check to find paid courses that have a limited time coupon offer that makes them free. I have picked up quite a few that way... I have more than a hundred Udemy courses in my queue at this point. Smile
In Progress: Researching doctoral degree programs
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MBA in IT Management, 2019, Western Governors University
BSBA in Computer Information Systems, 2019, Thomas Edison State University
ASNSM in Computer Science, 2019, Thomas Edison State University

B&M CC: 8.68cr, TESU: 3cr, CLEP/DSST: 15cr, 57cr, Straighterline: 19cr, ALEKS: 9cr, TEEX: 6cr, The Institutes: 2cr, Sophia: 2cr
(121.68 credits total. 95 credits earned in 10 months, with 45 of those earned in ~3 months)
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