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Help Understanding Degree Evaluation
I can't understand the degree audit (attached). First page, I get but then we get to the second and I can't figure it out. I'm seeing upper level needed but the numbers don't match. Also, any recommendations for courses that will meet these? is what I'm currently using.

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(08-31-2020, 05:04 PM)SJKBAE Wrote: I can't understand the degree audit (attached). First page, I get but then we get to the second and I can't figure it out. I'm seeing upper level needed but the numbers don't match. Also, any recommendations for courses that will meet these? is what I'm currently using.
It's hard to find UL art and science credit for Excelsior, but Coopersmith Consulting may be the best option. Take a look at the previous posts regarding UL art and science credit for Excelsior, where BBryant165 recommended these courses:

Career Counseling (PSY-325) 
Drugs, Society, and Human Behavior (PSY-305)
Group Counseling (PSY-307)
Substance Abuse Counseling (PSY-320)
Abnormal Psychology (PSY-302)
Physiological Psychology (PSY-303)

ctcarl added Family Therapy, Foundations of Stress Management, Rabbinical Counseling, and Therapeutic Interviewing for UL Social Science credit at EC, but please make sure your advisor at EC approves these courses beforehand.
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Definitely talk to your academic advisor. Once you're enrolled, it helps to have their approval for courses.

This looks like one of the EC degrees that you need to take several of their classes. Their tuition isn't cheap, but it's on par with a 4 year online college.
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So, it can be somewhat confusing for people looking at Excelsior's evaluations without taking a course and then seeing the differences where the course filled requirements. 

Basically, the two pages play against each other. Excelsior requires 21.00 UL credits in arts and sciences which can be difficult to obtain via ACE or NCCRS credit. Coopersmith is the only place I have found that Excelsior accepts as credit towards its UL A&S requirements. When I asked my advisor about's courses I was told either they didn't fit my degree plan or were actually brought in by Excelsior as LL credit. It is best to get any courses approved with your advisor so as to ensure transfer and not waist time and money. 

You require 6.00 UL Social Science credits as a part of your concentration, these 6.00 UL credits will also be applied as credit towards your overall UL A&S requirements. Once you complete the 6.00 credits the concentration requirement will turn to 0.00 and your Upper Level Arts and Sciences box will become 15.00. Now, if you instead took 21.00 UL credits in Art you would still owe 6.00 credits in social sciences. Your IA, IB, IC, and IIB will also apply to more than just the one box its listed in, it appears you require 12.00 LL Social Science credits and I assume this is what these are applied to as your concentration but I didn't look these courses up in the course guide, you'll need to see if they are UL or LL classes. Additionally, the IA, IB, IC, and IIB courses are very specific although they are not required to be taken with the school I would wager you will be very hard pressed to find a course that transfers as acceptable credit. 

Lastly, the 5.01 credits in any academic area. These are credits that your cornerstone class will count towards. I'm guessing you had quarter credits or something similar that you submitted for transfer evaluation based on the .01. The 3.00 credit cornerstone will bring you to 2.01 credits in any academic area, talk to your advisor on this one because it may be a free elective slot or it may be overage for the information literacy or capstone. I dont have an answer for that one. 

Hope this helps some.

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