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Help with a COSC Bachelor Degree
Can Someone look and see if I fulfill the COSC general Education requirements??

Indiana University @ Bloomington
EDUCM135 Self Instruction in Art  1hr
Berry College
HIST153 World Hist III   2.67SH
POL317 Foreign Policy  2.67 SH
SPA 102 Spanish II  3.33SH
SOC200 Intro Sociology 2.67SH
POL211 Am Govt 2.67SH
PSY251 General Psych  2.67SH
BIO111 Principles Biology1  2.67SH
ENG101 Eng Comp 1  3.33SH
ENG102 Eng Comp 2  3.33SH
SOC310 Complex Organizations 2.67SH
Sophia: (40)
Dev Effect Teams 1SH
Essen Manage Conflict 1SH
Art Hist 1  3SH
Conflict Resolution 3SH
Intro Web Dev 3SH
Env Science 3SH
Intro Psych 3SH
Business Law 3SH
Ancient Greek Philosophers 3SH
Intro to IT 3SH
Visual Communication 3SH
Microeconomics 3SH
Foundations of Statistics 2SH
Statistics 3SH
Principles of Finance 3SH

Please let me know what I'm missing for COSC general ed requirements so that I can apply next Spring, thank you.
Current Degree Programs:
MA in Social Science (conc. Sociology) - GSU - May 2025
M.Ed in Advanced Teaching - UoPeople - January 2027
Up Next 
Ph.D in Change Leadership in Equity and Inclusion  - UCA
Finished Degrees and Certificates: 
AAS Board of Governors - Pierpont Community & Technical College  8/2021
AS Business Administration (cum laude) -  Franklin University 9/2022
Grant Writing Certificate- Fort Hays State University - 11/2022
BS Social Science (cum laude) - Franklin University 12/2022


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