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How Technology Shapes Ideas - University of Chicago Graham School

I already started a Graham School post. This lecture was so provocative I think it deserves its own thread.

Wow! Fascinating discussion. This lecture begins with a beautiful aerial photo of the University of Chicago Campus [they all do]. Particularly, as a distance education student, I wonder, as we all do,  will technology eventually erase the necessity of physical campi and other buildings?

I never thought of a dogs being considered technology.

I'm pondering: 

In my lifetime the world has moved from an electrical age to the digital age. What Technology is next? AI and Chat  GPT were mentioned;

Lewis Mumford's statement - Technology will either be a vehicle towards Authoritarianism and centralization or democratization and decentralization. 

Personal musings - As an amateur photographer and someone who is fascinated with cameras, what would Oskar Barnack have invented, and would  Henri Cartier Bresson still have bought a Leica if smart phones (with good cameras) were available to them? Would modern technology change the look of HCB's  'Decisive Moment' photographs?

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