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Instantcert vs Clep books
I am looking at Instantcert to study for the D&A Abuse. Is Instantcert better than the REA's clep books for clep test? I was not impressed with the clep books and the test I took asked very little questions on the material I studied. I have just heard about Instantcert and am curious whether or not it is worth the $20 a month to purchase. Is Instancert all you need to pass the test? Any advice? Thanks
most of the exams are passed using IC only and maybe some other sites/books. If you use the search engine and the exam resources link, you will find most of your answers there. Hope this helps.
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Cleps taken:
Human Growth & Dev - passed
Intro to Ed Psych - passed
Sociology - passed
Analyz & Int Lit-passed
English w/essay-passed
Princ of Acct-passed Smile
Organizational Behavior-passed
Intro to Computing-passed
Ethics in America DSST-passed
Intro to World Religions-passed
Technical Writing-passed
Social Science & History-passed
Substance Abuse-passed
Civil War and Reconstruction-passed :eek:
Psychology of Women TECEP- passed
Thanks for the help...
[SIZE="2"][COLOR="Navy"]As a single source of the best CLEP & DANTES exam information, IC is second to none!

There is of course nothing wrong with seeking out additional study sources to assure a passing score, most people do, however IC is quite dependable, accurate, and the best buy for your money![/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Thanks for your input...
I am starting to take a lot of cleps and what I do is I always get a textbook of the course I am taking, and a clep book, and then I study instantcert as another resource. I am in a group of other students in high school (most of them have skipped a grade just like me, I'm 13 and I am in ninth grade) but we do not all work in one group together, it is somewhat of a solo activity. there is one girl who has 30 hours of clep and she is in her last year of high school, and she used IC just like all of us so I believe it is well worth the money.

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