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Intro to Stats
Need some help with stats! It's the last math class I need for my psych degree. Willing to ship you a king cake from Louisiana or a painting of my pugs as compensation. Private message me if you're able to help!
LOL, that's awesome. I was having issue with STATS as well. I tried ALEKS for a whole two months on that one course, switching from each of the three back and forth.
I gave up after a while and went at it over and over again, but it didn't work. Fed up with ALEKS, I went to Straighterline and also failed their Intro to Stats. I was mad!
Finally, the course that did it for me was - Straighterline Business Statistics, it comes into TESU the same as the Intro to Stats, so I was ecstatic when I passed it!

I mean, I spent $40 on two months of ALEKS just trying to pass that, when I just spent $20 on one month of ALEKS and I passed 5 other math courses!
I spent $25 on Intro to Statistics at Straighterline as it uses the same resources as Saylor, but the credit is the same - 3 credits for $25 bucks, still hard!
It's because the required exams are 50% of the grade and the final is 50% of the grade, I ended up with a 65% total.... so close, yet so far!

In the end, while I was looking for Stats courses elsewhere, I noticed Straighterline had Business Stats as well... that's what did it for me, was Straighterline!
I found out that some courses are "Algebra based statistics" and others are "Calculus based statistics", I didn't know until I researched why some were easier than others.
That second course at Straighterline, I ended with 85% as it was more business centric and was algebra based. The Saylor version was calculus based!

TLDR - Take the Business Stats at Straighterline for $59, it'll save you $ and time in the long run vs taking a couple months at ALEKS and a Saylor exam!
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look at this site

Data, Probability and Statistics

best explanation of standard deviation I've ever seen
Standard Deviation and Variance

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