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Is there an advantage with using Straighterline rather than enrolling with a Univ?
I'm going to enroll with either WGU or TESC.

Is there an advantage to using Straighterline rather than just enrolling in, for instance, WGU and doing the self paced classes?
The main advantage to StraighterLine is one of cost. They only cost $100 a month plus $50 per course for most courses. If you can only do 1 courses a month that is $150 for 3 credits (or $50 a credit). If you can rock out 2 courses in a month the cost for 6 credits is $200 (or $33.33 per credit). If you can rock out 4 courses in a month the cost for 12 credits is $300 (or $25 a credit). I don't know the cost per credit at WGU but I'm pretty sure it is more expensive than that.

BTW, the StraighterLine courses I have taken have all been pretty easy, and I was able to complete them in usually a week and no more than 2 weeks.
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The problem might be that WGU will not let you. I was looking into WGU for a masters, they took my CLEP/DSST etc. they even took my ALEKS. They would not accept the FEMA. They state on their website that you can only take WGU courses once you are enrolled. That was a couple of years ago but you need to check on that before you enroll.

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WGU is a partner college with Straighterline so there should be no issues with transferring. If a course DOES NOT transfer it will usually state it on the course. I agree with Daithi, the primary advantage is cost savings. I would also say that most of the classes can be completed relatively fast with the exception being Micro and Macro Econ (22-23 exams each!). If you have the book in each class you will have no problems, don't even bother with the lessons, just read the chapters specified and take notes for the exams.
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WGU charges a flat rate. The only advantage with WGU is that you might be able to knock off a 6-month term or two if you complete enough Straighterline courses. That can save you close to $3k-6k of WGU tuition. Of course, the real savings will be a little less once you factor in how much you've spent on Straighterline courses. If you decide to attend WGU, you need to take the Straighterline courses before you enroll. Once your degree plan is finalized, they will not let you transfer anymore courses or take anymore tests.
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I think that besides cost the advantages are:

1. You do not need to go to class. Everything is through your computer.
2. You can pace yourself in each course, while there is many people that were able to finish the courses in a month, I took longer.
3. The courses can be transferred to multiple colleges (in case that you change opinion).
4. While some courses are easy for some, difficult for others. I can testify that the courses are up to par with what you will have
to learn in a brick and mortar institution.
If you already know that you will be attending a SL partner school, then you've really only got to consider cost. SL courses will not be covered under financial aid, so they would be out of pocket. You could also look into the cost of doing their full 10-course bulk package, and possibly save some money there. SL is not cost effective unless you are fast, but if you're fast, SL is a good deal. It pays to have your books already in hand when you start the clock.
Only other thing I can think of is if you decided for some reason that you couldn't stay at TESC or WGU and finish. In that case, a SL course likely wouldn't be accepted by a traditional college elsewhere, while the WGU courses certainly would.
I am planning to take SL courses (Science or Arts)for my Excelsior BS Computer degree. I have plan to earn Masters degree from traditional university. Will I have any issue for getting admission in graduate school as I will have few UG courses from SL?
What courses have you done with straighterline? did you use thier proctor service?
bs13 Wrote:I am planning to take SL courses (Science or Arts)for my Excelsior BS Computer degree. I have plan to earn Masters degree from traditional university. Will I have any issue for getting admission in graduate school as I will have few UG courses from SL?

Possibly. I wouldn't use any pass/fail source for your pre-reqs. Your non-pre req gen eds won't matter. SL, CLEP, etc will all simply appear as "credit" and not a grade. Depending on your grad school, this may be important. If your grad school simply requires a degree and GPA, you should be fine. For instance, health science folks shouldn't use SL for anatomy & physiology. Business folks shouldn't use CLEP for economics, science folks shouldn't use SL for lab sciences. Of course this all depends on the school, but that advice assumes you want general advice. That advice is for people not yet sure about which grad school.

When you say "traditional" I interpret that to mean butt-in-seat on the ground university from a non-profit. If that's the case, and you already have a few picked out, you should absolutely start looking at admission requirements. Plan what you can, and deal with the rest. If you can't get into an English master's program because you tested out of all the writing requirements, then you might not end up in an English program at your choice school. On the other hand, a business school probably doesn't care that you CLEPped Humanities.

Let me edit my answer to add that of the 2000 grad programs in this country, everything I just said applies to about 20% of them. The other 80% would love to have you and your cash. Smile

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