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January's jab at higher education
There was another one I saw on teevee, just haven't found it on the net yet...

.jpg   image-436362.JPG (Size: 42.52 KB / Downloads: 48)

Sorry if it doesn't show. Not sure what I'm doing wrong...
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies Thomas Edison State University 2018
Cert in Emergency Management -
Three Rivers CC 2017
Cert in Basic Police Ed - Walters State CC 1996

Current Goal: new job
Working on: securing funding I don't have to pay back for a Masters.
Up Next: Toying with Masters Programs
Finished: First Degree

Older Experience with: PLA / Portfolios, RPNow, Proctor U, ACE, NCCRS, DAVAR Academy (formerly Tor), Straighterline, TESU, Ed4Credit,, The Institutes, Kaplan, ALEKS, FEMA IS, NFA IS, brick & mortar community colleges, LOTS of vocational schools...

My list of academic courses:

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LOL, anyways, the first time I read this I was confused at what this was all about...
The second time reading this, it just clicked... for me, sometimes it's good to refresh/re-read...
Done: TESU ASNSM Biology, ASBA/BSBA (ACBSP Accredited in 2017)
Working on: TESU BA Biology & Computer Science
Deferred: **Deciding on several Masters/PHD programs**

2019 BALS and BSBA Spreadsheet using mainly SL/ (post#28,31)
The Basic Approach | DegreeForum Community Supported Wiki
~Review Beginners Guide sticky for info on TESU BALS/BSBA in 4 months (post #16)
~Note: Read Wiki guide links for TESU equivalency - CLEP/DSST/SL/, etc

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