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Looking for a PhD/DBA Program (have multiple graduate degrees)
Hello --

I saw a thread or two regarding my situation outlined below, but they are a bit dated so I would like to understand the current environment and potential options.

I hold multiple graduate degrees in business and technology fields from regionally accredited universities. I am interested in pursuing a doctoral program, however I would like to avoid taking another set of graduate classes focusing on business or technology. It would be nice to jump right into research classes, complete any comprehensive/qualifying exams, and then go right into the dissertation phase. What are my options these days? Is there something out there offered online and has a generous transfer policy? I would be open to either a PhD program or DBA, with a specialization in technology and/or business. 

My only ask is that it needs to be accredited and non-profit/public. Reasonable price is of interest, too.

Thank you for any assistance or guidance you can provide.
Hello - that's not enough info to go by, you'll get a spectrum of answers... you could have a ton of Masters degrees but those wouldn't really ladder into a PhD completion program. Could you provide us more details such as what degrees and if any doctoral studies you've done? How about the school you have attended or other schools you have looked at? And the price range you're looking at, how about budget/funding, do you have tuition assistance/reimbursement? The degrees you have, are these from RA/NA schools in the US or Level 7/Level 8 qualifications from the UK? The more info, the better...
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Sure. Glad to provide more context.

I have not done any form of doctoral studies to date, only masters programs. My current graduate degrees are US-based, regionally accredited, and within the business administration and information security landscape. Regarding funding, I'm open to see what is out there. I have no issue paying for something having a reasonable price tag. $20,000-$30,000 would be acceptable. Something with a tag of $60,000-$70,000... not so much. 

Regarding initial research of options, I have looked at Dakota State University and University of the Cumberlands. I know Liberty could also be an option as they have a DBA program which has been mentioned on this forum.
I've looked at several doctoral programs and every single one requires much more than just research and a dissertation. The dissertation wasn't until year 2 in a 3 year full time program. If your budget for a doctorate is only 20-30K, then you will have few options. They're expensive and long degree programs. University of the Cumberlands is the cheapest one I've seen. Maybe check with your state schools and see what in state tuition would be like. Sometimes in state tuition is lower than other online programs.

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There are much cheaper DBAs out there than what University of the Cumberlands offers, but they will either be nationally accredtied or foreign.

I'm not looking to get into a utility debate over it, just putting it out there as everyone is not concerned with or affected by the utility differences.
National accreditation is fine if you are pursuing it for business purposes and have no plans to become a researcher or tenured college professor at the university level. In the business world, regional vs national degree accreditation rarely a factor since most places don't even know what the differences are. So a DBA from an NA university is generally no big deal since it is a professional degree and not a research degree. You just want to make sure that your DBA program meets your personal and professional needs, which may include granting access to the right alumni network or whatnot.

If teaching is on your bucket list, then you may want to look at other options. You would normally need a regionally accredited Ph.D. to teach at the university level in the US. That said, some universities do allow tenure track professors with a DBA. In which case you'd likely need a regionally accredited DBA degree to qualify, and it will probably need to come from an AACSB business program as well.
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