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Managerial Accounting Saylor aligned to TECEP
Today I took and passed the Managerial Accounting TECEP! I used the Saylor Academy course (BUS105: MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING) that is aligned with this exam. I was a bit worried that the course wouldn't actually prepare me for the exam, but since it was FREE I decided to go for it. The course outline almost exactly matches the test description from TESU, and I can now attest that the course is very closely aligned with the exam itself. I even noticed a few questions from the Saylor final on the TECEP!

Overall, this exam was about as difficult as would be expected from a 100-level accounting exam. I was able to use a financial calculator but a 4-function one would have worked fine too. There were not any complex calculations that I remember. The exam was primarily knowing the various definitions and ratios.

I did run across a few things that I didn't recognize from the Saylor course:
-Influence peddling
-Japanese financial reporting requirements(why this is on there, I do not know...)

There were also a few things that I wish I had studied/practiced more:
-Average rate of return(at least 4 questions about this on my exam)
-Payback period
-High/Low Method(know how to calculate)
-Classification of costs(common, controllable, committed, etc).
-I'd also recommend committing all of the variance equations to memory. There were plenty of questions involving those.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend the Saylor course as awesome free prep if you are taking or thinking of taking this exam!

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