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Neo4j - FREE Certification Exam!

Neo4j offers free certification exam on their website!

Once you pass their exam, you'll get a certificate like this:
[Image: 1*yvuT1sR7B45TSqTwAO7aQQ.png]

Neo4j database has been used by many Fortune 500 companies such as Walmart, Ebay, Adobe, and Volvo.
So you're working in IT industry, this certificate can improve your resume.
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  • rachel83az
I've never heard of Neo4j before but this looks like something I should put on my todo list.
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(08-02-2020, 07:29 AM)rachel83az Wrote: I've never heard of Neo4j before but this looks like something I should put on my todo list.

Learn more about Neo4j.

Who Uses Neo4j?

With more than 300 customers, including UBS, Walmart, eBay, Adobe, Volvo, Orange and Airbus, Neo4j is the world’s most widely deployed graph database, enabling connected data applications for more than 75% of the Fortune 100. Here are some of the highlights:
7 of the World’s Top 10 Retailers

Top retailers like eBay and Walmart rely on Neo4j to drive recommendations, promotions and streamline logistics

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