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Nervous about transferring , any advice
Hello I'm in the process of transferring to another CC and I'm quite nervous. At the other school I did well testing and grade wise but some confidential business got out about some financial stuff which my safety got put in jeopardy and I had some problem with staff members and my advisor. It started out nice and then turned sour really quick.  Later I decided to transfer to another school and decided to tour it and I felt at peace and felt that it benefitted me when it came to my degree. But as soon as the tour ended I began to get really nervous and basically had a bunch of what if questions such as what if I go through the same thing I've been through before and what if I'm hated or run into negativity . I'm also in the works of moving into a new town and want to start fresh very badly ( graduating , possibly socializing) but I'm very scared that it will all go bad again.  Does anyone have any advice to help me get over this hurdle before the semester begins?
Sometimes when you have the bad "what if" thoughts you have to fight them with more rational thoughts like, "this is just a normal school and everything will be fine"
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Yes, find some support. It may be counseling that you need or it may be legal, or both. It's hard to tell from your post, but you need some someone who you can confide in and who can advise you on how to handle the situation better this time.
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