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Personality types and those who go back to school
In another thread, some of us discussed how very few adults will get another degree, even if it's free, unless they are threatened with the loss of their job. And, very few adults will go back to school for a degree, even if they are unhappy with their current job opportunities and know that they can get a bunch better job with a degree. I'm curious what others think about this.

This article seems relevant, although I feel like it's kind of polarizing.

In addition, there are those of us who not only would grab a degree/cert when it's cheap, quick, or when it helps us get a better career, but we "hoard" degrees. I am even more curious about this.

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My guess is that people end up here for all sorts of reasons, but the people who complete a degree alternatively (ex. big 3) are probably very autonomous types. I know that's not a type listed in the story, but you can't do what we do here if you need a lot of hand-holding. The DIY personality thrives here.

As for credential hoarding- I might put myself in that category, but I don't think that it's my default position, I think once I'm done homeschooling and have time to obsess over other things, I'll probably move on to my next obsession.

For fun - what was your personality type? I just took the test (my first time) and was labeled Protagonist.

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(06-11-2018, 01:20 PM)jsd Wrote: I got “LOGICIAN”

Me to jsd!  I love the quote underneath the little guy "This is all very interesting.  Now give me the facts."  Yep, that is me to a tee.

It also matches a Myers-Briggs I took in 1998, which had me at exactly the same thing (ISTJ).  Good to know that I haven't changed in 20 years!  Big Grin
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"MEDIATOR", INFP-A. Just about what I expected.
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I got Architect INTJ-A

I have always gotten INTP on the MB tests, though.
I am an INTJ-A. That's what I scored in high school and that's what I scored on this test.
That was kind of fun.. COMMANDER (ENTJ-a).
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I got "The Campaigner" (ENFP-T)! 

A lot of it hit especially close to home, like:

"When it comes to conceiving ideas and starting projects, especially involving other people, Campaigners have exceptional talent. Unfortunately their skill with upkeep, administration, and follow-through on those projects struggles. Without more hands-on people to help push day-to-day things along, Campaigners’ ideas are likely to remain just that – ideas."


"Can’t I fly helicopters AND be an oceanographer who writes songs and cooks?"

Definitely interesting! If I'm ever bored enough I'll consider trying the course, though I'm not exactly sure what it's supposed to accomplish

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